Energy Moves Effectively When Our Body Is Aligned Optimally With Precision


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People nowadays are gradually opening towards the spiritual side of things, and such inclinations have been supported and backed by the practice of yoga. In recent times this ancient form of meditation and exercise has received wide popularity and followership from masses across the globe.


A deeper study of yoga and its practice allows people to connect with their spiritual selves and thus effectively bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical realms.


According to a recent study by, 56% of US yogis are beginners; in the past four years, the number of men practicing yoga increased by 150%, and 44% of yoga practitioners follow routines 2-3 times per week.


In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which proper body alignment in yoga can offer an optimal flow of energy in our bodies.


So without any further a due, let’s jump right into them:

1.   Avoiding Injury

Any physical injury can drain your body of vital energy since our existence as an organism necessitates that our internal organs, systems, and body parts communicate with each other. An injury can disturb this harmony, and the body goes into a self-defense mechanism where all energy is utilized to heal the part that is injured.


Proper alignment of our bodies while practicing yoga allows us to stay safe and away from harm. Stances in yoga, when carried out with precision, make you stable and maintain your balance rather than the other way round. Proper alignment also ensures that we do not harm ourselves in any way while practicing yoga.

2.   Biomechanical Efficiency


A significant focus in the study of the physiology of humankind is biomechanical efficiency. It focuses on the degree to which the limbs of our body can move or be exerted to reflect their maximum effectiveness that is theoretically possible. Biomechanical efficiency can be calculated for almost every physical exercise we perform, including running and jogging.


Many elite performers are often studied by trainers and coaches to improve their biomechanical efficiency. Even scientists have discovered clinical applications for biomechanics and its impact on human movement. The practice of yoga with proper alignment can improve your biomechanical efficiency, which, in return, can improve your overall performance in everyday life as well as during sporting events.

3.   Conserving Energy

It is important to know that without proper alignment, practicing yoga can quickly become from relaxing to stressful. Improper positioning of the human body puts an indefinite amount of strain on muscles and limbs, which, if not corrected, can even cause long-term damage.


This is why many practitioners of yoga observe sharp improvements when their poses are corrected with the help of a professional trainer.


Not only are they able to actually benefit from the routine as it was intended, but they are also able to conserve their energy and reach meditative states quickly. This just goes to show how important proper alignment really is and how damaging it can be for those who are misguided.

4.   Empowering of Self

While there is no doubt that accurate alignment can enhance your body’s energy flow, the benefits it offers are quite far-reaching. Foremost the impact of good energy flow throughout your body boosts your performance in daily life as well.


You feel more energetic and responsive, thus allowing you to feel confident in undertaking new challenges. Your interactions with people around you also improve as energy offers a tremendous uplift to your moods, and generally, you become more optimistic and enthusiastic.


It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that this overall positive feedback that your body is able to generate also influences your cognitive abilities. You find yourself having a sharper mind and a better focus on daily activities.


5.   Human Variation


Each of us has our own unique little differences when it comes to our anatomy. No two humans have the same body structure, and there are always slight differences that make us who we are.


This human variation needs to be catered, which why many professional yogis consider alignment during yoga to be more personal. This allows your body to cope up with the demands of your exercise routine and prevents you from injuring yourself.


As a practitioner, you should consider your own human variations when performing routines and exercises. While the outlay of a certain pose may be universal, you can actually tweak them a little to suit your body more effectively. Bone structure and muscle build-up determine how much further you can exert yourself without breaking or damaging yourself.

6.   Improved Energy Flow

Yoga is around 5000 years old, and as expected, the discipline offers tremendous knowledge and learning for whoever practices it. This abundance of information that has been accumulated for thousands of years provides you with correct alignment and postures that can improve your body’s flow of energy.


This enables you to achieve harmony within yourself and your body parts by reducing undue stress and stiffness in your muscles and body parts. Not only do they become more relaxed, but the blood circulation also receives a terrific boost. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and thus your body becomes more energized as it is able to receive ample supply from your inner system.


7.   Posture Enhancement


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Our everyday lives and, at times, sedentary lifestyles are the primary sources of deterioration of our bones, muscles, and nerves. When we sit at work and do not carry ourselves in the correct manner, our body posture becomes too slouch and loses its strength.


This is why we find a lot of people complaining about backaches and problems with hip bones as we have adopted unhealthy practices of staying indoors and not physically exerting ourselves to stay fit and in shape.


Yoga, however, provides you with the perfect remedy as it allows your body to recover from the damage it has taken over the years, and gradually your body postures become more prominent and upright.

8.   Reducing Fatigue


There are various reasons due to which we feel fatigued or disinterested in doing anything as our bodies are weakened and cannot sustain continuous demand. An inactive lifestyle is to blame, along with an unhealthy diet and life choices that we make. Practicing yoga with the correct body postures and alignment helps our body to become revitalized and become abundant in energy.


This makes us feel less lethargic all the time, and with continued practice, one can achieve the pinnacle of human body conditioning. With an improved distribution of energy and blood circulation throughout our body, we are able to cope up with demands for activities that require physical movement and exertion.

9.   Strength Building

It goes without saying that a consistent and dedicated approach to practice yoga with correct body alignment can help make your body become stronger with time. Yoga not only benefits your bone health but also make your muscles to build strength through continuous practice.


Hence you will rarely find practitioners of yoga to be weak in comparison. Through the augmented flow of energy in your body, your muscles are able to grow in strength as they receive more nutrients and are more relaxed.



There are many varieties of yoga schools, and each of them offers a systematic study into their core concepts and fundamental principles. The asana or body postures are an immensely important and popular part of the yoga culture.


Nowadays, yoga is practiced by millions of people across the globe as it offers terrific relief from stress through its relaxation techniques.


I hope this post was able to provide you with meaningful understandings as to how body postures and alignments can help improve the flow of energy within your body. For more questions, please feel free to leave a mention in the comment section below.

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