YogaForce Alignment Classes

YogaForce Alignment Classes

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YogaForce LLC offers a wide selection of Fitness Packages tailored to fit your individual or corporate needs. Annie is currently teaching privately as well as teaching yoga, Pilates, and Doga classes at the leading studios and gyms in the USA and Canada. As more and more companies recognize the benefits of yoga and Pilates to the overall wellness of their employees she now teaches at ORACLE , GOOGLE and STANFORD UNIVERSITY. Annie was one of the first movers in the yoga industry. She began taking yoga on the lot at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California in the late 1980’s and started teaching privately in 1997 after founding the YogaForce Line of Clothes in 1995. She recently started consulting for businesses. In 2007, Annie spoke at the AT&T Women’s Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

As a skin cancer survivor and advocate, Annie has worked with companies like Johnson & Johnson, The Skin Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer. As a health and yoga expert, Annie has also worked with MTV and American Bone Health. She recently delivered a Yoga and Bone Health GOOGLE TECH TALK. In March 2014, Annie was selected as a SPOTlighter for The American Academy of Dermatology and invited to speak at the largest Dermatology Convention in the world in Denver. Annie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in connection with YogaForce and MTV POWER YOGA a few years ago. In 2007, the YogaForce A-Line Mat was patented. Annie continues to present about the benefits of balance and yoga at the Huntington’s Disease Society of America at UC Davis. In July, Annie appeared on ABC’s View From The Bay for the second time, for DOGA, a fun form of yoga that you can do with your dog! Her classes have now received international attention.

YogaForce, a San Francisco based company specializing in luxury yoga and Pilates mats and spa accessories, became YogaForce LLC in October, 2009, with Phil Schlein, the former President and CEO of Macy’s California and current Consumer Products Expert , as Chairman of the Board.

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“I hired Annie two years ago to teach me how to ‘do and like’ yoga. I exercise intensively 7 days a week for one hour a day lifting weights, running and cycling and I felt like I needed yoga to add to my overall performance. I saw that Annie had taught some very successful athletes and performers and I was so impressed that I decided to give her a call. Initially I got a 10 sessions package with Annie, as she told me she believed it would take that for me to ‘get’ the concepts she needed me to understand in order for me to achieve my goal of enjoying yoga. I have been working with Annie for almost three years now every week. Obviously I “got” the message she tried to deliver to me. I love yoga now and it has helped me tremendously. Even through my pregnancies. Annie is amazing. Very knowledgeable, patient, a great teacher and down to earth. Yes, she is gorgeous too. (had to mention that) As long as Annie still keeps my time slot reserved to me, I would strongly recommend you to hire her.”

T.D. Hillsborough, CA

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Yoga Innovation

Annie Appleby invented her Yoga mat to insure her students and now her thousands of customers are aligned when doing yoga poses. A peninsula native, Annie teaches at some of the areas most prestigious companies, like Google, Oracle, and privately as well.

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