Doga by YogaForce

Doga by YogaForce

Doga by YogaForce (age 7+ for people & 4+ months for dogs) with Annie Appleby of YogaForce.

Join Annie and Madison to learn all about bonding with your dog through Doga. Students should wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel, a leash, a few treats, a toy and a yoga mat to each class. It is recommended to have taken at least five (5) yoga classes and your dog should be updated on shots and be well socialized. You and your dog will do some yoga poses, and have some fun! This is NOT a dog training class. This is a bonding class. One dog per owner at a time. Doga works best for little dogs. However, bigger dogs can do some poses with modifications.

Annie has been teaching Doga by YogaForce for seven years. Her classes have been getting worldwide attention from Telemundo, The Today ShowDutch Television, and National Geographic Wild: Pet Talk

YogaForce has offered classes to Google, Pet Food Express, Burlingame Recreation Center, Wilkes Bashford, and Bloomingdale’s.

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Bonding With Your Dog Through Yoga
Exercise is also a fantastic opportunity to bond with your dog. Annie Appleby, a yoga expert with 25 years’ experience, started offering doga (dog yoga) classes from her San Francisco Bay Area yoga practice, YogaForce, 10 years ago. In dog yoga, humans incorporate their dogs into classic yoga poses. For instance, holding them as a weight during a side bend. Or, balancing the dog on their leg in Warrior Two pose.

Doga can be just as calming for dogs as yoga is for humans. Even the most hyperactive dogs end up very chilled out by the end of the class. Appleby also notes that both dogs and humans are closely engaged throughout classes, often looking into each other’s eyes.
“They really benefit from eye contact, the dogs,” Appleby says. “In our classes, it’s one hour of complete and utter communication with your dog the whole time. And the dogs like that a lot.”

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