Welcome to the YogaForce A-line Mat:
Your Personal Trainer for proper body alignment. Patented. Doctor Recommended. Celebrity Preferred. Guru Approved. And not just for chicks…”
The Yoga Journal

“A special mat that helps yoginis align themselves into perfect positions…(the carrying system) is a bonus for those who find themselves perpetually late for overcrowded classes: there’s no need to fuss with a bag… so you can grab a spot fast.”
– TIME Magazine

“The YogaForce A-Line Athletic Mat is great. It’s a very good design.”
– Dr Andrew Weil, M.D.

“The thick mat offers good cushioning for the knees and spine, plus the orange lines did make the alignment easier”
-New York Times

“The YogaForce Mat is excellent alignment awareness and practice comfort.”
Dr. Paula Pullen
American College of Sports Medicine 

“The YogaForce A-Line Mat is an athletic tool that will revolutionize the Yoga & Pilates industry…”
Dr. Mark Perlmutter

“When I first saw the Yoga Force A-line Mat ($89), I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been created sooner. This Ergonomically shaped mat has orange alignment guides that ensure proper positioning to help both beginner and advanced yogis reach perfect posture in every pose. It’s like having your own instructor, at home!”

Pamela Pekerman

I bought this mat because my roommate had it and I would borrow it sometimes. I loved it so much that I got one myself and recommended it to my other friends! I love the unique shape and design. The lines are great for quick alignment of your positions in yoga, pilates, whatever! The built-in straps and carry handle are so so convenient.

R.M. Brooklyn, NY

The YogaForce Mat is great.  It is a very good design.

Dr. Andrew Weil

It’s comfy and cushiony, it’s non slippery, it’s great that it can be rolled and tied, and the lines help you do the standing poses correctly. I love it, my husband and I have matching mats, he was jealous of mine so I had to get him one too!


I have been using my mat for 4 years now, and I don’t use any other. I love the convenience of the carry straps and the alignment stripes are really helpful, especially when transitioning from one pose to another. It is definitely cushier than a standard mat.  I have been using the mat 2x per week for 4 years and no visible wear, so I feel comfortable saying it’s very durable. Highly recommend!

S.C. San Mateo, CA

I’m using it for my floor pilates class (yoga in the near future) and everyone is commenting how nice it is and how the lines allow my to allow me to align my body while holding a pose. This is a great product!


I’ve owned several yoga mats and this is the best one. I love the traction it has, and the alignment stripes help with proper body alignment. The hands free aspect is nice. There’s also a portable wallet in it. I take it camping. Life’s short, get a decent yoga mat !!! I’d gladly pay more for the all of the features it has.


It’s a high quality mat and easy to transport…the benefit of this one is the ease of taking it to/from a class.  The alignment lines are great when working on a position, but if in a class where you’ve mastered the moves, you can flip it over and have a plain mat.

J.R. Texas

I love this mat specially for the lines on it so I can do the positions with my body perfectly aligned and that way I don’t hurt myself! I really like it’s wider on the ‘head side’ and the material it’s made of, it’s nice and comfortable. I highly recommend this product.


The mat immediately helped my alignment and took me to a “higher level.”  I also use it for other mat exercises – Pilates, general stretching, etc.  Occasionally, if I forget to bring my mat to class I can tell a difference in my positions when I use my club’s standard mat in that it is difficult to stay properly aligned.  The Yogaforce A-line mat is thicker then the standard mat, which protects my knees, and with the lines I can position my feet/hands where they need to be. The strap allows me to easily carry the mat while keeping my hands free to/from the car etc. It is also a unique good-looking mat.


Awesome, Awesome mat. Perfect thickness, comfortable, the straps that are attached to it make it PERFECT for carrying it around and the best of it all is that this yoga mat has lines in it so you always know what you are doing while doing your yoga!!! I no longer wonder if my body is perfectly aligned, it made yoga better (if that’s possible). I cannot recommend it enough. Looks good and is perfectly functional.


The YogaForce Mat is a GREAT Floor Exercise Mat for BODY Alignment.  This is the BEST Mat for Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Stand Up Paddle Boarding(SUP), Land Workouts, Rehab, Balance, Posture; etc…

K.F. Santa Barbara, CA

I have been using this YogaForce mat since I replaced my old alignment-type mat a few years ago. I love the alignment lines, which really do help me improve my practice. It’s especially useful during the Warrior series and any standing poses. I have taught yoga and I still find myself having to adjust my hands and feet based on the lines. The carrying strap is wonderful, and I keep a hair tie in the small, zippered wallet — a nice, unexpected feature. The other day I went to a new studio and everyone around me was ooohing and ahhing over my mat. It’s that nice. I am buying a second YogaForce mat to keep in my other car.

K.M. New York, NY

OMG, things are moving so fast in yoga class, this YogaForce mat helps me to move correctly without thinking! I LOVE IT! Everyone in my class asked me where I got it. Easy

N.S. Silicon Valley, CA