How to Create a Balanced Life in a Season of Chaos and Stress


What one person considers a balanced life might seem completely imbalanced to another. As a subjective concept, it can take on a unique meaning for each individual who is seeking it. You hear about work-life balance, and people sometimes refer to life as a “balancing act”. So, how can you take a word so widely used for so many things and apply it to your life? This raises the question of what it means to have balance in your life and which aspects of living you’re trying to balance.


What Are the Elements of Balance?

When considering the elements that can make us feel off-kilter, two main categories arise: external and internal. So, a person may be imbalanced overall if he or she focuses on one element more than the other. Although both ends of the spectrum for each element aren’t inherently negative, taking anyone to an extreme can be detrimental. If, after examining the influence of these elements and their components in your life, you feel that you tend to be pulled in one direction to an extreme, here are some ways that you can bring your life back into balance.


Take a Break

Hard work comes with a sense of self-worth and feeling essential. It’s important to designate time to relax and unwind, however. Turn off your smartphone and laptop and engage with people and with life in order to recharge. Never push yourself beyond sleepiness for the sake of work. By practicing this type of self-care, you are actually recharging yourself to be more productive. Use safe essential oils to relax. Use this guide for safety. 


Avoid Negativity

Give negative people and toxic situations a wide berth. It’s difficult to maintain a positive mindset when there is draining, negative energy around you. Just as important: Don’t use negative self-talk. It’s even more damaging than when someone else brings you down. Simply put, avoid negativity at all costs.


Meditative Exercise

The combination of meditation and exercise is the best way to get the best of two great worlds at once. Yoga is an excellent way to achieve this—especially if you use the best yoga mats that help align your body and improve your posture.



Practice Gratitude

This is not just about telling someone “thank you” for a gesture or compliment. Gratitude has to be a way of life to be effective. Keep a gratitude list that you add to everyday Practice showing appreciation for everyone and everything in your life, even material things. Give your car a deep clean, as well as your house. Instead of reacting to things that happen at home, invest in a home protection plan so that you have someone to call for unexpected, pricey repairs.


Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t take on everything at once. Take a small step every day, even if it’s just replacing pasta with spiralized vegetables for one meal or trying to avoid sugar for one full day. Biohacking is a huge wellness movement these days, so there is a wealth of information available regarding how to help your mind and body function to their maximum potential. Check out more about Biohacking here:


A balanced life is a happy life, and you’ll be well on the way with our tips above. Take a look and start making a change in your lifestyle today.

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Mads on her Doris Day Chair from Carmel, CA. Yes, the legendary actress, singer and dog lover. Mads has a fantastic coat thanks to her use of essential oils.



### Amanda Turner, Guest Blogger for YogaForce.

Amanda Turner is a freelance writer and recent graduate who is exploring her passions through writing. She is from Raleigh, NC.