Book Recommendation: DESIGNING YOUR LIFE by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Stanford University

When I was in the fifth grade, everyone who was cool had pierced ears, except for me.  My mom said the ONLY way I could get them would be for me to earn $350.00 during summer vacation so I could buy these Georgian earrings.  She thought it could not be done.  Well, I had my dad’s secretary xerox out copies of a flyer I made saying I was an excellent babysitter and weed puller and I put it in every mailbox on my block in my Hillsborough, California neighborhood and I got those earrings.  So I was a young cool entrepreneur with pierced ears.

But, it was not so cool back then for a girl to be so assertive.  My mom would consistently tell me to act subdued.  I could not.  I am not subtle.

So, what do you do when you design your life?  You play to your strengths.  Sometimes it takes time to find out what those are and sometimes your strengths and your passions change.  Be brave and learn new things.

Fast forward to when I was working at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, I started taking a yoga class on the Lot.  It changed my life and I started YogaForce.

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The point of life is that you keep redesigning and learning.  We have had so many changes since I was a kid growing up in the 1970s.  Watergate, ROE, SONY Walkmans, voice mail recorders, fax machines, IBM computers, Apple laptops, mobile phones, COVID, Jan 6th, ROE Overturned   Think about it.  Think about all the ways you have had to adapt and learn.  How much things have changed and how much you have had to change to fit in.  Now there is AI.  That is going to be a huge societal change.  Welcome to the brave new world. Learn it.  Adapt. Redesign. Stand Up. Vote. And do YOGA!


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