Incorporating CBD Into Your Yoga Routine

This summer I taught a doga class.  The Vet who is behind VET CBD told me how much his product helped dogs with pain management.  Then one of my friends told me how much CBD helped her get rid of intense back pain.  Mads and I are very healthy and have no aches and pains.  So I am unable to vouch for CBD personally, but this is a product that seems to help pets and humans.


Whether you are brand new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for years, you know that it can do wonders for your well-being. Something else that could be helping you is a supplement that is relatively new to the legal market – CBD oil.  Enjoy this article brought to you by Nisha from The CBD Awareness Project.


CBD oil could help you to focus better, relax more and get better sleep if you work it into your yoga routine. Thanks to the many different preparations there are, there are thousands of different ways to make CBD work for you. Here are some of the ways you can work it into your yoga practice to help you the most.

Before Yoga

It can be difficult to get yourself to relax for yoga practice, but using pure CBD oil can help you to get there faster and stay there longer. You do this by absorbing a few drops through the underside of your tongue, which helps it to make it into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently.

During Yoga

To help you stay hydrated while you work out, you can easily work CBD water into your yoga routine. Just grab a bottle or a glass and keep it near your yoga mat between poses. This can help you cool down and help you maintain your calm throughout the process.

After Yoga

There are all sorts of CBD-infused products from foods and gummies that can help extend CBD’s effects to lotions and creams that will help you to make the muscles you stretched feel less inflamed and less painful after you finish your yoga practice.


What Should You Be Careful Of?

If you think you want to try CBD with your yoga routine, now you know a little bit more about it. There are very few drawbacks to CBD, but neither is there much of a benefit to take more than you need. CBD won’t do you any more good at a significantly higher dosage than the one you usually take. You are not going to get high or overdose on CBD. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you try it out.



While CBD may be legal to sell, the Food and Drug Administration has not yet cleared it for medical use. They have concerns about the claims that come with CBD and the possible long term effects, so you might want to do additional research for yourself.


If you have issues with allergies to different types of grasses, you might find that you are also allergic to CBD because it is derived from industrial hemp. Anyone who is worried about this should try to rub a small test patch of the oil on their skin in someplace easily treatable before they try to ingest it in any form to avoid severe medical consequences.

Medical Interactions

You should also talk to your doctor before trying CBD oil if you have issues with your liver or take any kind of medication regularly. CBD is still being studied but it has been found to have issues with several different types of medicine. Your doctor should be able to talk you through any potential issues and save you from making a big mistake with your health.