Star Kicker for UC Berkeley Football, Matt Anderson on his YogaForce A-Line Mat


Positive Effects of Yoga Shown Through Healthcare


If you are looking for the best reason to do yoga, you just have to think about your health. This activity has been proven to be effective in strengthening the body and in maintaining good health. It is not only meant for relaxation and in calming the mind. It has health benefits that will surely give you a better reason to practice it regularly.

Here are some of the positive effects of yoga that are backed up by healthcare practitioners:

Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown


It is very important to know the different reasons why people experience cartilage and joint breakdown. One of the main causes is inactivity. There are some areas of the cartilage that are not always normally used. With this, these areas that are often neglected when moving will experience wear out. This is why you need to consider yoga because it can help you move and put your body into a full range of movement. With this, arthritis and disability that is caused by joint cartilage will be avoided. As you squeeze the cartilage, you are also squeezing out the fluid and you are getting fresh nutrients in that area.


Increases your blood flow

Healthcare professionals would say that not having normal blood flow can be a cause of critical illness. This is why you have to consider activities that will improve and increase your blood flow. One of the main points of yoga is to provide the relaxation that the body needs with the different twisting poses and acts. If your body is relaxed, you will also have a chance to improve your blood flow. As a result, there will be more oxygen for your cells. And finally, yoga is also a great way to boost the hemoglobin level and your red blood cells.


Drains your lymph and boosts immunity

The lymph is known as fluid that is rich in immune cells. It is worth noting that the lymphatic system is in charge of fighting infections and in eliminating or destroying cancer cells. Aside from that, it can also help the body in disposing of the toxic waste as the cell functions. If you are going to consider different yoga postures, you are also increasing and improving how the lymph drains. This happens as you stretch your muscles and let your body move around.


Keep your heart healthy

Taking care of your heart is as important as taking care of the different parts of your body. It is not a secret that aerobic exercises and other activities that let the body move can help you strengthen your heart. Yoga may not be considered as an aerobic exercise but it can help you boost your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. There have been different studies that were able to find out how a person improves the amount of oxygen during the exercise and how it can help in increasing endurance.


Reduction in risk factor


Even if you are regularly exercising, you still need the help of yoga to increase your body’s flexibility. Many people experience injuries because their joints and muscles are not prepared for the activity that they are about to do. If you are going to integrate yoga in your regular activities, you will be able to make sure that you can move around freely without thinking about flexibility issues. You will be able to take care of your body and you can also save yourself from stress.


Down with diabetes


If you are suffering from diabetes, you should not only focus on the food that you are eating. There are other aspects of your lifestyle that you need to put into regulation. Yoga is one of the activities that can help you effectively deal with diabetes. It can help you lower your blood pressure and improve the blood circulation. With the help of specific poses, you will be able to manage diabetes.


Makes you happier


You may think that becoming happy is not as simple as getting yourself studded with food. This may be true but with yoga, you can help yourself get out of the state of depression. It has been shown in studies that if you continuously practice yoga and make it a regular thing in your schedule, it can make you happier. A person who is happy has a greater chance to have a healthier body. This is because of the positive correlation between happiness and the immune system. Yoga is a means of relaxation and it can help you feel calm during stressful days.


Importance of Good Posture and Body Alignment


If you are still thinking of the different reasons why you should exercise to get good posture, here is a list of the advantages for you:

  • Allows you to work efficiently
  • Lessens the feeling of fatigue on your muscles and ligaments
  • Reduces strain and stress on the spine
  • Gives you more confidence
  • Keeps the bones and joints correctly aligned
  • Helps in lessening the abnormal wearing of the joint surface


Yoga is indeed a very important activity that you should add to your daily exercise. Just look for the best time in the day to do some poses and you will certainly expect a great effect in your physical and emotional state.

Use the YogaForce A-Line Mat to help with proper body alignment as demonstrated in the photo above.  Matt Anderson is the star kicker for UC Berkeley.  Annie Appleby also graduated from Berkeley.


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