The YogaForce A-Line Mat in Action


Yoga is one of the oldest known practices in the world. Tracing back to over 5000 years ago, it is not just a type of exercise for physical well being but has much to do with the spiritual cleansing of one’s soul. And ever since humans have embraced the great benefits associated with yoga, the number of people who practice it have consistently grown.

According to recent statistics published in The Huffington Post, there are an estimated 21 million adults in the US alone who practice yoga. These figures signify that as much widespread this practice might be in the eastern region, the West has embraced it fully as well.

Thus, just as our minds, bodies, and souls are unique, but yoga pertains to all, there is only one differentiation the practice itself adheres to. YogaForce A-Line Mat is an ideal choice that works for you with most of the discussed essentials below.

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Yoga Mat

Therefore, we have compiled a checklist for you before you consider buying a generic yoga mat for yourself. You will look into the specific details that might work best for you.

1.    The thickness of the mat

The thickness of your mat denotes how comfortable you want your mat to be. Many people may argue that the question of comfort is not relevant to the thickness as many ancient practices were performed on thin sheets or directly on the floor. However, if you are just starting and are relatively new to the practice, it is recommended you get a mat as thick as ¼ inch thick and see how it works for certain basic positions you practice. Afterward, you can easily move forward from the standard thickness to something more proficient. YogaForce fits the bill here.

2.    How much it weighs

You must be wondering why the weight of a yoga mat is that significant to be considered as essential for buying one. The answer is that even if you aren’t traveling with your yoga mat, you would be required to carry it to a yoga class or even to your garden or yoga in the backyard. Anywhere you practice your yoga, you would need to carry your mat, and a heavy mat would be an unnecessary hurdle. If you plan on just rolling at home exactly where you have placed it, then maybe you can skip on this point. YogaForce weighs less than 4 pounds.


YogaForce comes with a built-in adjustable carry strap and a removable wallet.

3.    Stickiness, Texture, and Grip

You don’t want to do those elaborate poses and hurt yourself doing so because you kept sliding off your yoga mat. It is why checking the stickiness, texture, and how strong the mat grips on to your body is essential. It affects how you maintain your posture and alignment when you change from pose to pose. Also, it is essential to know that certain positions only work when you hold onto them for a particular time, it is why a gripping mat is vital to ensure you don’t go sliding off and lose the benefit of your practice.

Feng Shui designed with soft rounded corners and a great grip. YogaForce is also available on HSN and on Amazon and Spas and Resorts.

4.    Considering the right Size

It depends on your physical aspects, like height and weight. You would prefer a mat that encompasses your body no matter what stretch, pose, or position you to hold on it. A standard size mat works for five feet height and guarantees that your feet won’t go over the edge even if you sit legs apart. But you can certainly go for extra long or extra wide mats that would work for a more plus-size body. There are even supersize options available. The whole point is just to find the right fit. YogaForce is standard size, but wider at the top. Use the code, to save!


5.    Material and Sustainability

The material of your yoga mat is actually what dictates the other aspects of the mat itself, like the weight, texture, stickiness, grip, and sustainability. If you are spending a significant amount in getting the right mat for you and putting in that much thought into it, you wouldn’t want to get rid of the mat as early on and keep it for long. It is why to choose a material that has the right thickness and weight as well as last you a lifetime unless you decide to switch it or use it rough outdoors. YogaForce is eco friendly and durable.

6.    Choosing the Color and Design

Many people have made yoga an ancient practice that old priests perform for meditation and soul cleansing. But that is just one side of the story. Yoga has come a long way and is now a fun activity that many young and fun people have indulged in as well. If you are a beginner yourself and have joined a community class, then you’ll notice that boring generic mat won’t do. Therefore, choose something bright and colorful that highlights your personality. YogaForce has orange alignment stripes that help you perfect your practice.

7.    Overall Quality and Price Range

A basic, standard-sized mat with solid colors and a general stickiness would easily be found on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, increasing the quality of the mat will take the bar up high. Custom designs, colors, and other personal preferences may also add more figures to the total amount. Other than this, if you go for a more eco-friendly version that is made of organic material, then it may be well over the hefty side of the price range. YogaForce is eco-friendly and a good price for all the bells and whistles you get.

8.    COVID-19 Bonus All YogaForce Mats are Individually Wrapped

YogaForce Mats have been individually wrapped since 2005.  And in a pinch the wallet can be used as a Mask.


Each YogaForce A-Line Mat is individually factory wrapped


Each YogaForce A-Line Mat comes with a wallet, or in a pinch, mask.


How A Comfortable Yoga Mat Can Reduce the Risk of Injury?

If you are just starting and are relatively new to the yoga regime, then make sure your yoga mat is comfortable.  A comfortable yoga mat will reduce the risk of injury by great significance.


  • It will align with your body’s shape.
  • It will be best fit to your height and weight. YogaForce is standard, so fits people under 6 feet best.
  • It will not hurt your joints especially knees and elbows.
  • It will be 1/4″ thickness for optimum yoga benefits.
  • It will decrease the chances of you slipping because of the right grip.


You don’t want to compromise on the comfort of the mat to increase the quality of your practice because having a comfortable mat will significantly reduce the risk of contracting an injury. To enjoy a safe, healthy, and spiritual practice, make sure to tick the above checklist and find what best suits your needs. YogaForce is by far your best choice.

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is a self-proclaimed Health Enthusiast & currently working as a Research Analyst at Crowd Writer, UK’s favorite cheap dissertation writing service providers. Having incorporated yoga and spirituality in her life from a young age, she has garnered significant expertise in this regard. She shares her knowledge on her blog for a like-minded audience.