Our Guest Blogger is Amanda Jerelyn, a part-time yoga instructor from the UK.


In the past few years, yoga has drawn a lot of attention due to its soothing nature. The modern man needs such a calming activity to de-stress from their daily routine. According to research conducted by the United Nations, more than two billion individuals around the globe practice yoga daily. Yoga incorporates the flexibility of mind, body, and soul to help people live a healthy balanced life. It also plays a vital role in correcting the alignment of the entire body structure, thus enhancing productivity.

Top Benefits of Mat Alignment System

A proper navigation system is required to reach a particular destination. Similarly, a mat alignment system is necessary to achieve the best out of yoga practices. As indicated by the most recent stats, Americans spend almost sixteen billion dollars on yoga classes and accessories every year. The advanced yoga mats present you with a visual guide and help you in performing asanas with maximum accuracy. Following points will throw light on the importance of mat alignment system in yoga:

1.   Makes yoga easy for beginners

YogaForce® is the smartest yoga mat and it assists newbies in every aspect. If you have just joined a yoga class, there is no good option other than buying a mat with an alignment system incorporated into it. You can also ask your kids to put on their favorite and Pajamas and hope on the mat with you as its versatility can accommodate individuals from every age group.

This framework will enhance your productivity, and you don’t have to be puzzled anymore. In the class full of active yogis, you want to be a star too. Grab the YogaForce alignment mat, tune into your teacher’s voice, and adjust your body parts accordingly.

Furthermore, you can track your progress too; when you know the map you can navigate easily!

2.   Helps you to avoid Injuries

A simple mat with no guidelines can pose more risks than benefits to your physical well-being. Many yoga learners around the globe are unconsciously performing the asanas in the wrong way. They are putting themselves on the verge of yoga-related injuries such as wrist and neck pain, Hamstring tears and pulls, and lower back injuries.

Don’t worry! The YogaForce A-Line Mat can rescue you. The lines on the mat will guide you on how to distribute your weight evenly throughout the body. A misaligned yoga pose can shift your entire body mass to a single muscle and joint and thus causing mild to severe injuries.

3.   Set up poses correctly

Try not to compromise the alignment of your body while performing various yoga poses. The core intention of yoga is to stretch muscles within their specified limits and build strength slowly and gradually. The anatomy and flexibility of every muscle and joint vary from one another. It is very crucial to concentrate on distinct focal points while working on different asanas to avoid the risk of any causality.

The prime goal of a particular pose should be kept in mind while practicing yoga. The lines on the YogaForce A-Line Mat can direct you for each asana separately. The central line marked on the mat allows a yogi to perform Warrior Two pose efficiently by aligning front heel to the back arch. It is difficult to achieve proper alignment in the asanas without buying such a perfect mat.


4.   Better than conventional mats

In the past, yoga mats were not flawlessly designed by the manufacturers as they are now. If we dig deeper into history, the yogis used woven rugs to get a suitable and supportive surface. But these rugs were unable to provide yogis with the proper cushioning and stability.

After thorough research, Annie Appleby worked with orthopedic surgeons and The College of Sports Medicine to develop a patented yoga mat with great grip, cushioning, and support. To further enhance the beauty of these mats, Annie added simple alignment lines to assist yogis in proper alignment. Such mats are now widely in demand all around the world.

5.   Assisting yoga Gurus

Teaching a yoga class to a fewer number of students is comparatively an easier task. Here you can provide individual assistance to each one of them and adjust their poses accordingly. But what would be the case if you were asked to instruct a class full of students? Will you now be able to assist one student at a time? Of course, it will be tiring and challenging!

Modern yoga gurus have now chosen these smart alignment mats to be their assistant during a packed class. They can now just verbally dictate their students to place their hands and feet at proper lines and perform the asanas without any hassle.

6.   Learn from home

The entire world is a beautiful combination of introverts and extroverts. This world is versatile and so its inhabitants. Some people find their homes as a divine source of peace and positive energy, while others are more into social gatherings.

Yoga practitioners who require a calm indoor environment are less likely to achieve that gush of positive energy in an outdoor setup. For cultivating a steady home yoga practice, online yoga practitioners are now using these alignment mats, making yoga training much more manageable.

7.   Boosts physical well being

When the alignment of your body is precise while performing yoga, it automatically affects your entire physical structure. An inadequately performed yoga session might leave you with more soreness and pain rather than providing strength to your core muscles. The lines on the yoga mat will look after your pose, and more positive energy will be liberated from your body. This will consequently increase the strength of your muscles, thus enhancing overall efficiency.

To enjoy your yoga sessions, make use of the best alignment mats on the market. YogaForce’s unique alignment system will make your daily yoga practice easy and satisfying. The asana you were once reluctant to try will now become smooth and consistent with the combination of good tools and instructors.

Author’s Bio

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as an Associate Editor at King Essay. She is a part-time yoga instructor and is fond of writing creative content. She loves coffee and enjoys gardening in her free time.