*UPDATE:  Join us on Sunday, August 11, 2019, in San Francisco:

Doga on The Beach in Monterey, California.

This little Pom was saved from a kill truck. Mads and I are bringing awareness to #StopYulin on Friday, June 21 at 4:30 PM @YogaForce on Instagram. Proceeds go to #VanderpumpDogs See link below!


Hi Everyone.  Annie here.  And it is JUNE! That means Madison and I are starting to get busy. See @YogaForce and @DogaByYogaForce on Instagram.


 We are on IF ONLY.  And we have been giving Yoga and Doga private classes to billionaire CEOs and Dog lovers across America especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The link goes right to our link on NAT GEO.  It shows you how to DOGA for Free!

Mads and Annie at a Doga event on DOG MOM’s DAY / Photo by Dr. Mary Beth Howard

Dog Mom's Day
  We also just got our copy of EAST BAY EXPRESS and are excited to be included.  Nice things to do in the Bay Area with your furry friend in tow.  Check it out!
   Mads and I are all set to be in beautiful Monterey.  We will be teaching Doga, yoga with your dog, near the beach.  Come and see us on Saturday, June 15th.  Check out this pic with Mads on one of the chairs we got from Dorris Day!

Mads on her chair.  Given to her by the legendary actress and singer, Doris Day in Carmel, California.

   On Friday, June 21, we will be doing an Instagram Live Event called #InternationalDogaDay at 4:30.  Please sign in to your Instagram and watch it worldwide. Mads and I are representing #California via @YogaForce. We are doing this to end the problem of eating dog meat in Yulin.  I cannot even grasp how horrible this is.  Please help us stop it forever.  We are working with Mahny from Britain’s Got Talent:

#InternationalDOGADay with Annie and Mads @YogaForce / Photo By Dr. Mary Beth Howard

Worldwide #InternationalDogaDay on FRIDAY, June 21!

Mahnny Djahanguiri in The Daily Star (United Kingdom) YogaForce represented California (USA) for International Doga Day to Stop Yulin


    Please go to
    YogaForce has chosen this fantastic foundation as our Charity for this Event.  To DONATE please go directly to:
    Look for the hashtags #internationaldogaday, #StopYulin2019 and #wedogaforlove.  Proceeds from this event will go to the charities mentioned on internationaldogaday’s site.  If you are in the 94010 zipcode and want to do a DogaByYogaForce Class, please call Annie at (323) 309-8808  or for address the class starts promptly at 4:15 and we go live on Instagram at 4:30.  Our California class will get the torch from Malaysia and pass it to Utah.
     Here is more about Yulin and International Doga Day.
     A special thanks to Congressman Alcee L. Hastings from Florida and Lisa Vanderpump from California. Sign the Petition: Here.
    So stay tuned!  Dogs are the BEST!  Join in with us!
     Thanks to PEOPLE MAGAZINE for more information about How to STOP YULIN today!

Instagram Live Event to #STOPYULIN on June 21

Lisa Vanderpump has worked so hard on the fight against Yulin.

Annie and Mads