Lifting Your Own Weight How A Healthy Diet Counts

I gained weight over the Covid-19 Shutdown in California.  And, I am a yoga instructor.  I lift my own weight.  During the shutdown, when there was not a vaccination available for my age group, I did some limited outside yoga classes and a few corporate zoom classes for doga and yoga.  I also ate lots of comfort food and watched tons of streaming shows.  In other words, I did not follow my normal routine.  I did not listen to my body and as soon as I was eligible for the vaccine, I scrambled to get it and waited in a 2-hour line at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  As soon as I was fully vaccinated I took off for LA to film a yoga class.

Annie getting her Covid-19 vaccination

Moscone Center in San Francisco


I had done easy yoga.  I did not do wheel or crow poses until I got to LA.  Everything was fine until, Crow.  OMG, I was too heavy to get into the pose and hold it.

Annie filming a yoga class in Ojai California with Bryan Kest of Power Yoga in a Wide Open Fully Ventilated Space

And another OMG moment, when I went out to dinner my pants were too tight.  What happened?  I was doing less exercise and eating without paying any attention.  As soon as I got back home, I called my nutritionist, Karen Kelley at Trimmway  1 (650) 906 – 0786 ( Karen has clients all over the world and does ZOOM, just like I do.)  for an emergency appointment.  “Karen, you do not understand, I had a hard time doing one of my favorite yoga poses because I am too heavy!  I have to come in ASAP!”  It did make me feel a little better that I was not the only one who stacked up a few pounds as she was really busy and had to squeeze me in.

Karen Kelley of Trimmway in Burlingame, CA

I learned that keeping a food diary and writing down what I was eating made me pay attention. I also learned that protein helps and that not all fish are created equal.  I was eating buttery blackfish which is almost 1,000 calories as opposed to Red Snapper or Halibut which is more like 350-500 calories. And Greek yogurt is far better for weight loss than regular.  I am not a vegetarian, I am a foodie.  But, Karen also works with vegetarians.
I also drank more water and tea and saved my chardonnay for the weekends.  After a few short months, all the weight I gained during Covid is gone and I am once again doing the hard poses and I am teaching lots more as most people in the Bay Area are vaccinated and our Covid-19 rates are the lowest in the country.

Annie and Mads Leading an Outdoor Doga Class

I shot a promo for Cesar Millan for Better Human Better Dog for DISNEY+ and NAT GEO recently and I was happy I could move both my weight and that of my 12-pound dog, Mads.

Annie and Mads doing Doga for Better Human, Better Dog on DISNEY+ and NAT GEO


It is really important to be able to move and lift your own body weight as you age. To reach Annie for Yoga or Doga call 1 (323) 309-8808.  Keeping in shape is critical for staying healthy.  Your mom was right, eat your vegetables and go out and play!  Check your own BMI here.

Annie doing Wheel Pose