YogaForce: The Animal Connection

Happy 2023!  I spent the New Year in Hawaii, teaching yoga in nature to some animals, including humans.  It was so nice to finally get back to normal and travel.  Covid is still with us, but now it is not the one in control and that is a good thing.

I spent some quality time with some of the world’s most interesting and eccentric animal trainers.  Elizabeth James Johnson aka Muffy has been training animals for TV and Motion Pictures for decades.  She spent a lot of time with Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s chimp, and has worked with tigers and bears.  She now lives in Hawaii and has a ranch and she teaches horse therapy.  Hey, she can even make her polo pony smile!

Muffy can Make her horse smile on command.

Harry Donenfeld is a wonderful photographer and lives with two goats.  They are like giant dogs, they knock on his door and jump up and sleep on his couch.  They are very sweet. He also has about 10 chickens and a dog. Harry was named after his famous grandfather who you know from DC Comics via Batman and Superman.  There is a new book out on Valentine’s Day called The American Way all about how his gramps, the publisher of DC Comics,  comes to the rescue of a family trying to flee Nazi Berlin, their lives linking up with a dazzling cast of 20th-century icons, all eagerly pursuing the American dream. Harry has been an animal trainer since birth growing up on the east coast and later moving out to Hollywood where he also worked on sets training animals for Television and Motion Pictures. Great review in The New York Times.

The Harry Donenfelds

Muffy also owns the NewEdgeAcademy Endowment Fund and I produce her podcast called Whispering Wisdom with Kids.  We got to chatting in the latest episode about how important it is for children to have pets.  You can take a listen here.

We even got to see Bill Maher who has views on our educational system and also loves animals.  He has two dogs of his own. And a YogaForce A-Line Mat.

Bill Maher at the MACC



Enjoy and Happy New Year!