Know Your Value with Mika Brzezinski

I Love My Morning Joe

Joe and Mika of MORNING JOE at The KNOW YOUR VALUE Event in San Francisco


Unfortunately, I often watch it in real time which is 3 am in San Francisco on MSNBC.  Anyway, I am a fan and we share mutual friends, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend this year’s #KnowYourValue Event at the Fairmont Hotel.  I brought my signature YogaForce A-Line Mat, which thankfully was easy to bring as it is hands-free and they gave me a lot of swag.

When you are an Entrepreneur, you should have your product on hand. Annie Appleby, YogaForce®

Mika Brzezinski brought a special guest star, her new husband, Joe Scarborough.  He is the perfect husband, v in love and supportive of his new wife.  The lineup was pretty A-List:  Kamala Harris, United States Senator for California, who broke news by saying she would decide over the Holidays with her family if she will actually run for President of the United States.  

US Senator Breaks News to us, prompted by Mika

Katty Kay, a frequent guest on Morning Joe and author of The Confidence Code moderated and spoke about gaining confidence and Closing the Deal. High ranking Business Women including, Amy Banse of Comcast Ventures, Maria Black of ADP, Amy Errett of Madison Reed, Lisa Borders of #TimesUp, Cindy Robbins of SalesForce, Tina Sharkey of Brandless, Jane Park of Julep Beauty, Dia Simms President, P. Diddy Combs Enterprises, Lisa Sun of Gravitas  and Robyn Sue Fisher of Smitten Ice Cream also spoke about “breaking the glass ceiling” in one way or the other.
Other popular speakers included Natalie Morales of NBC’s The Today Show and Access Live, Vicky Nguyen of NBC Bay Area News, Zainab Salbi who is also on Morning Joe frequently and has a new book out called, Freedom is an Inside Job.

Emily Chang (Anchor, Bloomberg Technology) Megan Twohey and Zainab Salbi

Megan Twohey, the Investigative Reporter for The New York Times who broke stories about Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump which ignited a global reckoning on sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement shared her insights.
Elizabeth Vargas of ABC and A&E Networks who talked about being v successful at work and dealt with her anxiety off the job by drinking.  She is now sober and thriving both personally and on the job.  Everyone slips up sometimes. And Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez of Stanford University, School of Medicine was on hand to give us healthy ways to cope with stress.  (Exercising, Meditation, and yoga help.)
Mira Sorvino, Actress and Ambassador for The United Nations on Human Trafficking talked about her #MeToo moment and how she is moving on to help other people.

Mira and Mika

There were a few others but, one of the most engaging speakers of the day was someone whom I had never heard of before, Janine Driver.  She was funny and v relatable.  Janine spent more than 16 years as a federal law enforcement officer within the Department of Justice.  She is the New York Times best-selling author of YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK and YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME.  She also is the Body Language contributor for NBC’s Today Show as well as a popular guest on numerous other TV shows.  She got a standing ovation because she made us laugh and laughter is healing and she informed us.  “Use power poses!  Stand up straight!  Make eye contact!  Open up.  Put your hands on your hips…”  I already do that last part.  My mom told me not to when I was 4 years old  “Annie, never put your hands on your hips!  It makes you look BOSSY!”  Well, that was the whole point of #KnowYourValue.
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Times have changed.  Now is the time to be bossy.  Perhaps assertive is a better word.  Anyway, you can do it as long as #YouKnowYourValue.

Joe Scarborough, Annie Appleby and Mika at #KNOWYOURVALUE