Better Human

Once again, Annie and Madison were invited to promote the NAT GEO and DISNEY+ show  BETTER HUMAN, BETTER DOG.  You can see the entire promotion here.

It was fun! We shot it in my backyard in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Doga Shoot

Loved the part when Cesar names the five body motions for both humans and dogs:  Stretch or Yoga, Walk, Run. Rest, Sleep.  These motions help with improving energy and help to relieve stress.

So yoga is good for dogs and humans. You too can give it a try.


Annie and Mads

Watch your body alignment.  Be certain that your heel intersects your back middle arch and your front knee is open to your little toe side so you open up your hip in Warrior Pose. This pose can be twice as hard with a little dog on your leg. The YogaForce A-Line Mat will help with proper body alignment.



Note the last time we did this was with Andre Millan, Cesar’s son on PET TALK.  

Cesar has been training humans and their dogs for quite some time. 

Contact or by phone @ (323) 309-8808  to learn more about yoga or doga. And watch Better Human, Better Dog with Cesar and Andre Millan this summer and fall on NAT GEO and DISNEY+.

PS. Here is a note about Junior Millan


Annie for YogaForce® and DogaByYogaForce®