Your Yoga Mat Should Mirror Your Body, The YogaForce Mat is Ergonomic

According to the popular website, Live Strong “Yoga mats come in all shapes and sizes, a standard size does exist. A typical yoga mat is 68 inches long. This size works for most people and with most types of yoga. A standard mat is a wise choice for beginners so you can discover what qualities you desire in a mat and what kind of yoga you connect with. If you plan to travel with your mat or take it everywhere with you, you might want to consider the 68 inch mat simply for convenience.”

The YogaForce A-Line Mat is the GOLD Standard. If you are shorter than six feet tall, then this is the mat for you. The length is 68 inches but the width is 30 inches (six inches wider than the standard) so you have more room to manuever in a crowded class and cheat the real estate in the room to your favor. Simply stated, you now have more room to spread your wings without hitting the person next to you in the nose. Your body is wider at the shoulders than the feet and this mat mirrors your body.

The lines on the mat help with body alignment. They also help with balance. The built-in adjustable carry straps are the perfect hands-free tote. And the Peace Of Mind  wallet is removable so you can take your valuables with you when the rest of your stuff is in an unguarded public cubby during your yoga or Pilates class.

See what people are saying at Raves from The New York Times to The San Francisco Chronicle to The Yoga Journal which just named the YogaForce A-Line the Best Sticky Mat of 2016.  Use code FB10 at checkout and buy from YogaForce so that you get the real thing.


Fly with YogaForce. Body Alignment and Balance. Perfect Every Time


Built-in, adjustable carry strap for easy transport. Peace of Mind Wallet (removable with Velcro)

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