Annie Appleby, Founder, and CEO of YogaForce

So who is Annie Appleby?

Annie Appleby is a high-profile, sought-after yoga teacher, public speaker, and expert in the billion-dollar health and wellness industry.  Recognized as a pioneer in the world of yoga, she founded her company, YogaForce in the nineties, and now boasts an A-List of clients that includes CEOs, directors, actors, writers, and sports icons.


Currently, Appleby resides in her beloved Northern California, where she teaches yoga and Pilates privately.  She also teaches her trademark Simple Alignment classes at Google, Oracle, and Stanford University.  Her teaching philosophy focuses on the benefits of improved alignment, posture, strength, balance, mobility, and energy, to create a leaner appearance and to reduce the risk of injury.  Her repertoire also includes teaching DogabyYogaForce.  Appleby has an eight-year-old Pomeranian named Madison, and she and Mads have appeared on the National Geographic Channel, ABC, Dutch Television, and Telemundo. She teaches DogabyYogaForce at the Burlingame Rec Center,, and ATHLETA in California. See the latest news on the Home Page and scroll all the way down.

Her passion for yoga began after a bad car accident when her body was knocked out of alignment; the injury led her to discover the healing energy of yoga.  Soon after, while working as a marketing executive at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles, Appleby founded her company, YogaForce LLC, and established herself as a yoga teacher. But she realized regular yoga mats didn’t work for her, so she invented, then patented her own, the A-Line YogaForce Mat, a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly mat, to help her with alignment.  The stellar design helps people practice yoga, Pilates, and core-strength positions correctly.


Appleby’s A-Line YogaForce Mat is endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil and the American College of Sports Medicine, among others.  Her mat and spa designs are available on and at Amazon, HSN, and at select Ritz-Carlton’s and other luxury spas, hotels, and retailers. Her mat has appeared on television shows like “The Big Bang Theory”. And her logoed apparel has appeared on “Sex and the City” and in such major motion pictures as True Lies and Save the Last Dance. Her YogaForce A-Line Mat has garnered attention from leading publications such as Time magazine, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Health magazine, and more.  She has been featured on MTV, and appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “ABC News”.

YogaForce Mat on The Big Bang Theory


As a thought influencer and public speaker, Appleby speaks on a panel for UC Berkeley’s renowned sociology program about how to effectively use sociology in business.  And, as a survivor of skin cancer herself, Appleby is a certified spokesperson for American Bone Health and a SPOTLighter for the American Academy of Dermatology. YogaForce LLC has partnered with The AT&T Women’s Conference, Johnson & Johnson, and Stand Up To Cancer, and other companies.  She and her dog, Madison have recently worked with NAT GEO and DISNEY+.

History of YogaForce


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###  By Hilary Iker