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       I started YogaForce in 1995.  I invented the LONG Boyfriend Sweatshirt.  I sold my line of colorful active clothes to Bloomingdale’s, Nordstom, and Macy’s.  I also sold to high end boutiques, spas and resorts all over the United States. (History of YogaForce)  Business was fun and Amazon did not exist.  READ BELOW FOR UPDATE!
        Fast forward to 2005 when I invented the patented YogaForce A-Line Mat.  First time out of the gate, I sold 17,500 mats to Sharper Image.  That was a blast!  I remember visiting New York for an event at Macy’s flagship store.  Macy’s flew me out and the buyer and I went to look for the 350 mats they had ordered from me in California.  Nowhere to be found…  Stolen off a truck! Yep.  I could not believe it.  But, I had a great paid-for-by-Macy’s trip and they did cover 100% of the cost for the stolen mats. However, I had to go to Sharper Image in Midtown Manhattan to purchase my own mat at full retail so could do a photo shoot (Result was a photo with the extremely tall model facing in the wrong direction, as shown in photo below). Someone must have made a dandy profit off the truckload of stolen mats… I guess that was the beginning of the end for retail.

YogaForce is standard 68″. People OVER 6′ tall will need a longer mat. Be sure to use the orange lines – this model missed out on those benefits! #SimpleAlignment

        As word about my patented yoga mat got around, I got a call from Amazon.  WOW!  Amazon wanted my mat!  That was so cool.  I was so happy and the Amazon buyer was really nice. Amazon did not undercut my price, maintaining my mat’s retail price at $89.
       YogaForce has been available on Amazon for years at $89.  They have gone through dozens of staff buyers for the yoga-mat category; plus, now vendors  cannot even communicate with the Amazon buyer representative.  Amazon is killing small business.  On the other hand, as a consumer, I myself always look to get the best price.  I love Amazon when I buy – just not when I sell.  And selling YogaForce mats is how I make my living.
        And they are now SOLD OUT from AMAZON PRIME by YogaForce. ***   Others attempting to sell  YogaForce products on AMAZON or on EBAY are NOT  authorized retailers.   Watch out for fake or stolen YogaForce products being sold from third parties.  Currently only AHALIFE.COM, HSN.COM, MONOQI.COM and high end retailers, resorts and spas are licensed to sell YogaForce products.
       I am the rebel with a BRAND.  Here is how the YogaForce Mat HELPS YOU to avoid common yoga mistakes:  #SimpleAlignment.
*** Check Amazon on or after 4th of JULY.  We sent them more patented YogaForce A-Line Mats.  ONLY MATS FROM YogaForce on PRIME are guaranteed authentic.  Thanks to AMAZON for READING MY BLOG!  
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