Annie Appleby, Founder, YogaForce®

Annie Appleby, Founder, YogaForce®

O, What Has Your Your Yoga Mat Done for You Lately?

Watch for YogaForce in the APRIL edition of Ophra Winfrey’s WEIGHT WATCHERS Magazine.  Unlike other yoga and exercise mats, the YogaForce  A-Line Mat works to make your body alignment better.  YogaForce-Proof


YogaForce A-Line is all about proper body alignment.  Without the guidelines, you cannot keep track of where you are going.  You want your mat to help you to go forward and improve your practice.  YogaForce is your partner.  YogaForce helps you on your way.

Every day, we all want to improve an see results.  This mat helps you do just that. The mat is perfectly cushioned to make the practice easy on your bones.  It also comes with a removable wallet and a built-in carry strap.

Ophra Winfrey is all about aligning your mind, body, and spirit.  She has it down flat.

Line it all up now.  And, USE THE FORCE!

Use code WW10.

You Got This!

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