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Having tummy trouble is no fun.  Bloating, cramping, heartburn, running to the bathroom too often or too little, and just feeling “off” can be uncomfortable and get in the way of doing other things.  If your digestive tract could use some help, here are some simple and natural methods for helping you feel better.


Your microbiome


You have a whole world living inside your digestive tract.  As explained by Medical News Today, your gut microbiome is composed of a wide variety of bacteria which help your body digest your food properly.  When things are out of balance, you don’t absorb nutrition properly from the food you eat, and as a result, your health can suffer.  That impact extends beyond your upset tummy. The nutrition you consume supports the building and repairing of tissues throughout your body, helps your immune system to function properly, and provides you with the energy and building blocks for performance and health.  When things in your gut microbiome aren’t properly balanced, you are at higher risk for a number of health issues, such as obesity, cancer, depression, and anxiety.


Consider CBD


If you struggle with nausea, appetite, or inflammatory bowel issues, Cannabidiol, or CBD, might be a good choice for you.  Some scientific research indicates CBD can be a boon to digestive health since the anti-inflammatory effects can reduce inflammation in your digestive tract.  The action of CBD is such that it stimulates your system to balance and heal itself without causing you to feel high.  What’s more, by reducing your body’s inflammation through CBD, you can reduce general pain, lower your risk for depression, better regulate moods, lower cravings, and improve your sleep patterns.


Examine your diet


Improving or enhancing your meal selections can go a long way toward balancing your digestive tract.  Foods which are fermented, such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and apple cider vinegar can add healthy bacteria to your gut microbiome.  For best results, aim for a wide variety of healthful foods at your meals, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.  Also, take a hard look at the fats in your diet, and aim to include only healthy sources such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. You can also add herbs or herbal supplements to your health regimen which are known to aid digestion, such as dandelion, ginger, and peppermint.  Everyday Health notes there are foods you should avoid as well since they can disrupt the balance in your digestive tract.  This would include processed foods and foods with added sugars, such as ice cream, white bread, processed lunch meat, and candy bars.

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Physical activity


Your digestion receives important benefits from a regular workout regimen.  The Active Times explains vigorous exercise helps push food through your system, stimulating your muscles and encouraging your intestines to work.  There are even indicators exercise helps your good gut bacteria flourish. As little as 20 minutes per day can make a big difference in how you feel and improve your overall health.  Some yoga poses are especially helpful with digestion as well, by bending, twisting and stretching your body in ways that promote healthful processes.  You can treat bloat, flatten your stomach muscles, and even assist your liver with detoxing. For best results, ensure you’re performing poses correctly.  Alignment and balance are keys to optimal performance, so consider adding a YogaForce A-Line Mat to your workout gear.  The bold orange stripes make checking your body position a breeze.


Getting your digestive tract balanced and thriving can mean improved overall wellness.  Examine your lifestyle to see where you can make healthier choices. With some natural and easy changes, you can feel better.  Here are some more foods that actually help you lose weight.


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