Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee on the YogaForce® A-Line Mat

From One Force of Nature to Another with GINGER ZEE of GMA

I was happy to see Ginger Zee doing yoga on The YogaForce A-Line Mat on Instagram. Even HELLO Magazine picked it up! She is a perfect YogaForce Girl.  These poses are not easy and they take practice and focus to try.  But, you can do them if you pay attention to your body alignment.  Falling is part of the process.  We all fall and who cares? We can all get right back up and try, try again.  That is the beauty of yoga.
I designed the mat after I was in a car accident a long time ago in Los Angeles.  I was on my way to take a yoga class on the lot at Paramount Pictures where I worked prior to founding YogaForce®.  I showed up to class in shock and my teacher told me to go straight to Emergency.  I did.  My left hip bone was 4 inches above my right hip bone.  I was told to go to bed for 5 days!  After that, I started a rehabilitation plan with my Doctor that included more yoga and Pilates to get myself back in line.  Fortunately, I did not need surgery and got myself back in alignment with a prototype of the YogaForce A-Line Mat.  I designed it to be ergonomic, wider at the top, to give one more room to maneuver in a crowded yoga class and I made rounded Fang Shui edges, covered with black cotton to give it a finish.  The orange lines are intended to give one a guide for proper body alignment.  I really needed the guidelines to help me fully recover and get my body back into correct alignment.  I quit Paramount and started YogaForce Clothes in 1995 and the mat was patented in 2005.

The YogaForce TimeLine

The Lines on the Mat Help Guide Proper Body Alignment

Since then, thousands of people have told me that the YogaForce Mat has helped them with body alignment, balance, and better posture.

The YogaForce Mat comes with a Built-in Adjustable Carry Strap and a Removable Wallet


Ginger has a new book coming out in January 2022!  I cannot wait to read it.  She is one brave force of nature!

Ginger Zee’s New Book: A Little Closer To Home

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