Extreme Grounding Needed

Pool Yoga with YogaForce and Dosha

Hey Guys,

Annie here and I am the one writing this blog for a change.  We are living in historical times, and for some of us, this is very stressful.  The best way to counter stress is to build up your immunity system.  So it is important to work out.  But, there are a plethora of great shows streaming and it is easier to stay on the couch than it is to go outside. Three-hour ZOOM calls are not great either. You must move. COVID strikes a lot harder in people who are overweight.  https://www.bbc.com/news/health-53532228

Just going out for a long walk is helpful.  Be certain to mask up if other people are out and about.  Do some yoga in the sun for a few minutes.  Vitamin D3 can be beneficial. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/10/well/live/coronavirus-vitamin-d-immunity.html

GOOP  Photo  By Annie

Indoor yoga works great.  But it is time to step it up with extreme grounding.  I first heard about grounding while attending a GOOP conference in Los Angeles a few years ago.  Walking barefoot is the easiest way to have a skin-to-earth connection, otherwise known as Grounding. I received a lovely DOSHA Mat a few months ago, and now I use it every single day with my students. It takes grounding to a whole new level.  Some people like to use it with socks on, others with bare feet.  It helps!  https://www.doshamat.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvb75BRD1ARIsAP6LcqtwBn1lRHFK7oJrcSQKfE-kQwzr9YauM4-0P8t-oCZ9OpY_6XuCDloaApvpEALw_wcB


YogaForce and Dosha

Do whatever you have to do to get healthy.  The world is out of alignment, but you do not have to be. YogaForce A-Line Mats are now back in stock at HSN and on AMAZON.


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