Creating the Perfect Space for Yoga

Whether yoga is your go-to workout or your way to calm your mind and body after a stressful day, a home yoga space can boost your physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s been shown to improve mood, increase energy, and reduce inflammatory proteins in the blood. Yoga also builds strength, balance, and flexibility, which are all principles you can incorporate into your yoga space.

 Find the right Space

Start with the right location. A quiet, low traffic area of your home will provide you with some privacy. You’re not just creating physical space; you’re also creating mental space. To clear your mind, you need an area that’s relatively free of distractions. If you’re tight on space, that may be a corner of your bedroom or living room. No matter where it is, when you pull out that mat, it should completely dedicated to that one purpose.


 Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter can increase anxiety, which is the opposite of yoga. Your yoga space should physically represent what you’re hoping to mentally achieve. You can’t focus and clear your mind if you’re tripping on shoes or stumbling over books and magazines. If accessories, decorations, and furniture can possibly be moved out of the space, do so.

 Color and Light

Color and light can have a profound psychological impact. For the most part, try to keep the colors muted and neutral. Overstimulating the eyes (and therefore brain) could be distracting. Part of yoga’s benefit is the ability to calm mind and body. Of course, it also depends on the type of yoga you’re doing and your fitness goals. However, muted and neutral colors allow you to focus on your breath and the present, where you need them to be for maximum benefit.



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Like everything else, light should keep the mood calm and serene. Natural light has the added benefit of helping your body stay in sync with the Earth’s light/dark pattern, which can help you sleep better. You can take the Hands-Free YogaForce A-Line Mat out for a hike.

 Scents that Calm

The five senses have the power to influence your mood, and scents can be used to keep you calm. A diffuser that’s loaded and ready to go with your favorite essential oil can put you in the perfect frame of mind. If you’re not sure which scents to try, jasmine and lavender have both been found to help relax the body. Jasmine can have a powerful sedative-like effect that enhances mood too. That might be perfect for after a stressful day at work. Of course, if vanilla is more your flavor, feel free to experiment to find what works for you.

 Sounds that Soothe

Fill your yoga space with sounds that soothe. For many people, that’s natural sounds—rain, the ocean, the forest, or birds. However, for you, your favorite band may be better than nature. Only you know what works best but appeal to all your senses for the most complete relaxation. If music isn’t your thing and you’re not sure where to start, generally speaking, simple is best.

 Decorate with Purpose

You’ve decluttered and relaxed your mind and body through the senses. But you don’t necessarily want a stark space. Accent your space with purpose. A few simple decorations like a plant and a few soft pillows may be all you need. It should feel welcoming, not crowded. Decorations should serve a purpose such adding nature, color, or as a tool like a bolster for use during poses.

  Equip It Right

The most effective yoga requires the right equipment. A YogaForce A-Line mat, maybe a yoga block, and bolster at hand can make your sessions go smoothly. To keep clutter out, have a bin or basket at hand to hold your equipment so you’re not searching for it when you’re ready to stretch.

####  Thank you to our Guest Blogger, Erin Keong, who is a lifestyle expert with  with a passion for interior design.