Yoga Outside


Are You OK? Maybe you need to get outside.

During this COVID 19 pandemic, many people’s lives have been flipped upside down and inside out and their mental health has suffered as a result. Everyone can benefit from getting outside and active.

Give Yourself Time and Space to Stretch

I, for one, have spent way too much time in the house on ZOOM calls.  Every single day, I try to go for a walk or two.  I live in California and our air quality has been horrible due to fires.  Finally, all systems are “GO.”  We have good air quality and I can get out and teach outside yoga.
The YogaForce A-Line Mat was designed in 2005 and it is still going strong in 2020. It comes individually wrapped, to protect one from germs.  It is manufactured in Taiwan, which has been highly successful in the fight against the virus The Mat is patented and designed by me in the USA. It comes with a built-in removable wallet and an adjustable hands-free carry strap so it is easy to transport and it weighs in at only 4 pounds. I designed it for hiking and for moving outside.  With gyms closed, ZOOM and outdoor yoga is the only way to go.  The alignment lines are helpful as you have to pay attention to your own body alignment when you do not have a personal yoga teacher around to help you.

The Benefits of the YogaForce A-Line Mat

The pandemic has forced me to location scout.  We all need to open up and get innovative. If you stay too long inside, you can get depressed.  Nature is a form of medication for the soul.  Yoga is the best thing for your mind and body.  If you can get at least 30 minutes a day, I promise you will feel better.

Yoga in the time of COVID

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Be well and stay safe,
Annie Appleby, Founder & CEO, YogaForce®