The YogaForce Mat on THE BIG BANG THEORY




What Goes on Behind Closed Doors?
I did work at Paramount Pictures before I started my own company, YogaForce.  And like all small business owners, I do like seeing my product on TV and on Motion Pictures. See I was very good at Product Placement when I lived in LA.  Now I am in San Francisco.
So, I tried to get YogaForce Mats on Married With Children.  I was in LA visiting friends and went to the FOX lot for lunch. One of my friends is Mike Reiss who writes for THE SIMPSONS.  We dropped off a mat and… waited and waited.  Nothing.  Where is my mat?
Then I came back home and made a call to the #1 Comedy on TV, The Big Bang Theory.  It was on the Warner Brothers Lot.  I asked to speak to the Props Department and got someone who worked on my favorite show ever on PBS called Tales of The City.  “Oh Hi, this is Annie Appleby and I have a yoga mat for smart people.  Can I get it on your show?”

Annie with Saul Perlmutter, Nobel Prize winner for Physics. Annie is holding Mike Reiss’s Book, Springfield Confidential. MUST READ. GO GET IT

 He took one look at and ordered two.  The YogaForce A-Line Mat has been sitting by the door for 2 years!  A few times, they were going to use it, that is why they needed two.  On a separate note, Kaley Cuoco does have her v. own YogaForce Mat.

YogaForce at the door

Anyway, the point is anyone can get their product on a show.  But, I was happy to score a home run with this one. You can see the mat on practically every single episode of the last two seasons of the show.
YogaForce offers simple body alignment.  It comes with a hands-free carry strap and has a removable wallet for hotel cards, car keys, money and credit cards so you can keep them close at hand when doing yoga or Pilates.  Who likes to leave all their valuables in a cubby away from eyesight while you are practicing your workout?  All you have to do is put your wallet in front of your face while you are doing Down Dog, etc.
The lines make body alignment easy.  Order on  
( Use code FB10 at checkout for a special price.)  Great gift for Dads, Moms, and Grads!

Your Mat. Alignment stripes make yoga easy. Fantastic grip! And the removable wallet makes you feel better to take off your wedding ring and stash stuff like money and keys without leaving them in the cubby.

Annie on the YogaForce A-Line Mat

### Annie Appleby, Founder & CEO, YogaForce