THE ART OF YOGA By Mike Brennan




Well, so I practice yoga every damn day.  I do it in the real world.  I find social media to be tedious.  But, I have a brand, so I do what I have to do.  I have three Instagram accounts under the names of @YogaForce @DogaByYogaForce and @AnniesWorldByAnnie.


Annie and Mads

If you did not know that, you are in good company.  I write Blogs. I post.  I try.  I think nobody ever sees these things.  But, one day a funny thing happened.  A guy named Mike saw my @YogaForce Instagram and as he does art every damn day, he drew a picture of Madison and me and he tagged me.  I am old.  But, yoga makes you forever young!   I just learned about tagging.  WOW!  I liked his art.

Annie and Mads by ART OF YOGA by Mike Brennan

Next thing I know, Mike Brennan has a book out called THE ART OF YOGA.  You too can order his book now on AMAZON or on his own website www.MikeBrennan.Me

The guy is a great artist and the book is fun!

Buy the Book ART OF YOGA by Mike Brennan NOW

We live in a loud world.  Art is v. important.  So, is yoga!  It is so nice to pause, breathe and appreciate the moment.