Theory of Pets: The Benefits of Doga ft. Anne Appleby

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Doga is a growing trend, and the benefits from doing it are plentiful. If you’re wondering what Doga is, this podcast episode has you covered – you’ll learn all about the practice and how it can benefit your health and life in general. Basically, Doga is practicing Yoga with your canine companion. It sounded a little strange to me at first, but after trying it I realized that there are more advantages to the practice than just spending time with your dog.

I spoke with Anne Appleby, a long-time Yoga instructor located in the San Francisco Bay area. She is also the founder of Yogaforce, a company that specializes in Yoga mats and accessories. Anne explained the practice of Doga, and how humans and dogs alike can profit from doing it. Did you know that Yoga is a scientifically proven exercise for your mind, body and soul? Many of these pros can also be applied to dogs.

So how do you get started with Doga if you’re a beginner? Anne explains how and where to find a good instructor in your area as well as different ways to practice Doga at home if you’d be more comfortable doing it yourself. She also lets us know how to find a Doga class that will meet our and our dogs’ specific needs for health, mind and body.

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January 9, 2017