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How Seniors Can Get a Better Handle on Their Health

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Does it seem like the older you get, the fewer choices you have in life? If it feels as though circumstances are getting the upper hand over your physical and mental health, there is good news. Seniors can get back on top of their game with a few simple, wellness-focused strategies.


Cover Your Essentials


It’s hard to feel good about your life if you don’t have your basic needs covered. You can give yourself some firm footing in terms of both finances and health by making the most of your insurance coverage, as well as by learning about all the supplemental health care plans available to you. Medicare offers help to some extent, such as for hospital stays and some outpatient care, but there is more out there available to seniors. For instance, Medicare Advantage plans offer a variety of benefit options, such as dental, hearing exams, vision care, and even gym memberships. Investigate what’s available in your location and ensure you’re making full use of your coverage and are aware of your choices.


Stay Active and Fit


As age takes a toll and aches, pains, and illnesses creep in, many people may feel they are mere passengers when it comes to aspects of physical fitness. However, as Very Well Fit explains, a little bit of exercise can go a long way in your senior years. With just 10 minutes at a pop of vigorous activity, such as brisk walking or calisthenics, you can effectively raise your fitness level. Do some things you enjoy, such as swimming, dancing, gentle yoga, or cycling.  Choosing a workout that is fun will help you stay motivated and engaged.


From the Comforts of Home 


Set up a home gym so you can participate when it’s convenient, regardless of your schedule or the weather. With a few pieces of equipment, you can engage in a balanced program. For instance, a stationary bike allows you to cycle at home, some exercise videos can keep you dancing, or a resistance band can give you a full-body workout. Include a good yoga mat in your equipment to ensure you exercise properly and don’t hurt yourself. For instance, the YogaForce A-Line Mat is marked with lines to help you perform exercises in a balanced, body-aligning manner.


Enjoy Mother Nature


A simple and effective method for improving well-being is often overlooked by many people. You might be surprised to learn that spending time in nature can be a boon to your mind and body. As the Trek points out, some scientific studies show that time in the great outdoors offers several potential health benefits, such as improving your sleep quality, encouraging better vision, boosting your attention span, and providing vitamin D. Even if you can’t get outside, a window view appears to supply health perks, and houseplants can also be beneficial.  Here is another link for plants that help keep the air clean in your home.


A Good Night’s Sleep


All too often, seniors toss and turn rather than enjoying restorative slumber. In fact, Tuck cites studies indicating that about half of everyone over the age of 60 struggles with insomnia. If you feel sluggish throughout the day, rely on caffeine to give you an energy boost, or wake up several times during the night, consider taking steps to improve your sleep quality. Sometimes, getting into a bedtime routinecan help, such as going to bed at the same time each night, setting out your belongings for tomorrow, and doing something relaxing like journalingor reading a book. Also, take a good look at your bedroom to make sure it’s conducive to sleep. Keep it uncluttered, cool, quiet, and dark for best results.

Here are some great tips about sleep/wake cycles or circadian rhythm.

Life doesn’t need to be a passive descent into old age. You can take control of your circumstances by covering your essentials, staying active, enjoying some time with natural elements, and getting good sleep. These few strategies can help you enjoy every moment!


Jason Lewis from StrongWell.Org