So you are on the lookout for a new yoga mat.  What should you get and why?
* First off, there is alignment.  Let YogaForce be your guide, it has simple patented alignment stripes to aid you in your practice so that you do not get hurt in a fast class.  It also has the optimal cushion for full support.  Too much cushion and you ruin your wrists, not enough and you can injure your knees.
* Next, it comes with a built-in, adjustable shoulder strap.  Making this mat hands-free.  You can carry it onto a plane and it will not count as luggage as you are wearing it and it fits comfortably in the overhead.  Best part, it is built to travel, it only weighs 4 pounds.  You get the maximum out of your Pilates, TRX, Floor Exercise or Yoga Class.
 *What about taking a class and shopping?  I hate those cubbies, especially if they are in a different room and you are asked to leave your rings, cash, credit cards and other important valuables out of your eyesight.  I have included a removable wallet with each YogaForce A-Line Mat.  You can strap the wallet on your wrist or on your ankle or keep it strapped to the mat, whichever you prefer as long as your valuables are close at hand, so you do not have the added worry.
 Watch the video below on how to use the YogaForce A-Line Mat we shot on a break from YOGA FUN DAY last Sunday in Silicon Valley.
 See how to do FROG pose.
SHOP on  Please use code TESLA to save 10 percent off our next alignment YogaForce Class with TESLA in San Francisco.  Check back for the latest details.
Stand out.  Use The YogaForce A-Line.
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