Annie and Mads Teaching a Doga By YogaForce Class


5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga with Your Dog


You’re probably familiar with yoga, but how about Doga? If you’re not familiar with this new activity for dogs and their owners, Doga combines aspects of yoga alongside bonding time with your dog. It seems that the benefits of this ancient form of exercise are not exclusive to humans; canines can also experience life-changing transformation from taking part.

We’ve identified the top five benefits of Doga for you and your four-legged family member.

An Outside Doga By YogaForce Class


  1. Relaxation

Many dogs can be described as ‘over the top’ or hyperactive. With relaxation and breathing exercises being at the core of Doga, there can be a calming effect that transfers to life outside of the session. We shouldn’t forget that when we owners are stressed or anxious, then our emotions can pass right down the lead to our dogs, causing them to be on edge or reactive. When both dog and owner are relaxed and calm, it becomes much easier to cope with the challenges of modern life.

Mads after class

  1. Bonding

When you and your dog are working together, it develops trust and a deepened relationship. Our dogs love spending time with us, but we’re often distracted by our phones, children, and partners. Doga provides an opportunity for you and your dog to have some uninterrupted quality time.

Then, as your progress and begin to learn assisted poses, your partnership grows from the trust you develop in each other.

Mads shows how to bond

  1. Physical Health Benefits

Although Doga won’t provide strenuous exercise for your dog, there will be some physical health benefits. If your canine is currently carrying a few extra pounds, Doga could be an excellent form of gentle exercise to ease them back into fitness. Likewise, if your dog is recovering from illness or injury, the gentle stretching and calm, repetitive movements can be hugely beneficial. If your dog is in rehabilitation, do chat with your veterinarian before starting a Doga class. They will be able to assess if this will be a suitable addition to your dog’s recovery program.

Mads watches George doing a downward Facing Dog



  1. Socialization

Being in a class with other people and dogs can be hugely helpful in maintaining your dog’s ability to politely socialize with others. You may be more familiar with socializing as something that you undertake with puppies as they learn to behave appropriately with other people and dogs. However, your dog needs opportunities to practice this polite behavior throughout their lives, and a Doga class might be the perfect way of providing those.

Do consider your dog’s temperament and reaction to others being close by before enrolling in a Doga class. If your dog is likely to be anxious or very excited, you may need to book one to one sessions while working with a canine behaviorist to help your dog relax in class situations.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Our dogs need mental stimulation as much as they need physical exercise. Being somewhere different, with all the accompanying new smells, noises, and sights, will be a great enrichment opportunity. Don’t be surprised if your dog comes home and falls asleep after their Doga class; when their brains are exercised, it tires them out just as much as taking physical exercise.


So, there you have it – five amazing benefits of yoga with your dog!  To book a class call YogaForce (323) 309-8808 or  Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.   Check for updated information.

### In this article, Charlotte Miller from Breed Advisor shares her views on why she believes yoga with your dog is so beneficial.  Great information here about all dog breeds.  (It is important to note that Madison, a Pomeranian is a rescue dog.)